Freschello continues to enjoy great success, confirming its popularity among the public! Freschello is in fact the best-selling wine in Italy with the White Vivo reference, and second best-selling with the Red Vivo reference!

(Data as of 31.12.2023 referring to the market for bottled wine in glass bottles of 0.75 liters, second sales ranking by units per geographical area relative to IPER+SUPER+LSP) Source: Circana.

Rank Year Ending at Rank December 31, 2023 Vendor Variety Sales in units Total Italy Iper+Super+LSP Vendor Variety Sales in units
1 Freschello Cielo E Terra Bianco 0,75lt 2.975.299
2 Freschello2 Cielo E Terra Rosso 0,75lt 2.324.348
3 Vendor 1 Vendor 1 Bianco 0,75lt 1.946.751
4 Vendor 2 Vendor 2 Rosso 0,75lt 1.783.416
5 Vendor 3 Vendor 3 Bianco 0,75lt 1.708.585